All about Google Photos and its Alternatives!

June 01, 2021

From June 1, any more images being backed up by Photos will count against your 15GB Google Drive/Mail storage.

Google photos are so popular amongst all Google users. It has a photo editing tool, video correction tool, batch photo processing, even AI-based auto creations.

But sadly, Google Announced that their free High-Quality Unlimited upload would end on 31st May 2021! Yes, your guesses are right. Today is the end of Free High-Quality Photos Uploads!

But there is a lot thing you need to know (including Pixel Phone Users):

  • Everyone, including non-Pixel owners: Anything you uploaded for free before June 1st, 2021, won’t count against your 15GB quota.
  • Pixel 3A, Pixel 4, Pixel 4A, Pixel 5: You also still get unlimited free “Storage saver,” aka “High quality” images going forward, but not “Original quality.”
  • Pixel 3: You still get unlimited free “Original quality” photos and videos if you upload them before January 1st, 2022, after which you get unlimited “Storage saver” in the future.
  • Pixel 2: You got (past tense) unlimited free “Original quality” photos and videos if you uploaded them before January 16th, 2021, and you get unlimited “Storage saver” in the future.
  • Pixel (2016): You get unlimited free “Original quality” photos and videos until your phone kicks the bucket.

Future Google phones won’t have these perks: existing Pixels will be the last to come with free unlimited “High quality” uploads, Google confirmed to The Verge in November.

So, We have two options – Use Google One or Store up to the 15 GB storage. But in case you want some other options, check this free Cloud Storage Solutions:

1. Mega: Get 15GB free Lifetime Storage. And you can claim more free storages by inviting or fulfilling their tasks. Mega Uses their EndtoEnd security that is much popular. There are no Ads. They have their Android App also.

Link: Mega

2. Treasure Cloud: Get up to 820GB lifetime free storage! They have End to End encryption available and two-step verification. By default, you will get 10GB, and by inviting others, you will get 10GB more per refer. Each member you are inviting will get 20GB, and you will get 10GB more. Android app is available.

Click the link to get 20GB permanent free.


3. TeraBox: Get 1TB free Lifetime Storage. They renamed their service from Dubox to TeraBox. It has an Android App also in the Playstore. Their Origin is actually in China. And guess what, they can sell your data anytime, and their Government can also have access to your data. Be aware!

Link: TeraBox

4. Degoo Cloud: Get 100GB storage Free, and by seeing ads or fulfilling their tasks, you can get more storage! You can refer and earn 5GB storage for each refer. They have auto photo backup options and photo organizing tools in their Android app and website. They have their paid plans also!

Link: Degoo Cloud

5. Yandex Disk: Get 10 GB lifetime free. And yes, free unlimited photos backup like Google Photos! But it is actually a Russian Company, so their Govt. has access to your data. They also have an Android app and paid plans.

Link: Yandex Disk


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