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Mailspring is a mail client software for linux distro. The user interface of this software is clean and easily understandable. I tried different way but got failed. At last I found a solution which I’m going to share with you.

Step 1: Installation Snap :

Procedure of installing snap :

Step 2 : Installation of Mailspring via Snap using Terminal or Snap Store :

Using terminal :

~$ sudo snap install mailspring

After installing Mailspring, it’s ready to use. Now need to install libsecret .

Step 3: Installation of libsecret :

Using Terminal :

~$ sudo apt install libsecret-1-dev

Now Mailspring is completely ready to use.

We can open Malspring using terminal ~$ mailspring or from Applications manually.

I’ve successfully installed Mailspring in my Kali system.

My system requirements :

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