Installation of Snap in Kali Linux

September 05, 2019

Snap Store is an app store for Linux Destro. By default, the snap store is not installed in Kali. Now I’m going to share a procedure which is worked for me.

Step 1: Install Snap

Using terminal:

~$sudo apt update

~$ sudo apt install snap

But it shows something missing. To fix this, we need to execute another command.

~$ sudo apt --fix-broken install

Now again try to install Snap.

~$ sudo apt install Snap

It works! Time to go to the next step.

Step 2: Install Snapd

To install Snapd follow the commands.

~$ sudo apt install snapd

Step 3: Start and add the service to autoload

~$ sudo systemctl start snapd

~$ sudo systemctl enable snapd

Step 4: Enable Systemd Unit

~$ systemctl start apparmor ~$ systemctl enable apparmor

Step 5: Check it’s workable or not

Executing the following command snap ‘core’ will be installed too if it’s not installed in the system.

~$ snap install hello-world

Now restart the system and try to download via snap.

If getting any error related to the path just follow these instructions:

After restarting the PC if Snap doesn’t work then need to edit the bash file. To do this follow the instructions.

Step 1: Edit Bash File

~$ gedit ~/.bashrc

Step 2: Add a new line and declare the path of snap

export PATH=$PATH:/snap/bin

Save the bash file.

Step 3: Execute Bash.

~$ source ~/.bashrc

Restart the system and enjoy Snap.

Getting more commands of snap :

~$ snap help refresh

Installation of Snap Store :

To install the snap store follow the command:

~$ sudo snap install snap-store

To open the Snap store after finishing the installation.

~$ snap-store

Extra :

Find Package :

~$ sudo snap find <package name>

Install the package using snap :

~$ sudo snap install <package name>

List of installed apps :

~$ snap list

Update snap package :

~$ sudo snap refresh <package name>

Uninstall snap package :

~$ sudo snap remove <package name>

I successfully installed Snap in my Computer System using these procedures.

System Info :

Md Sohanur Rahman Sakib

For me, life is like a line. Line of a circle where my presence is just like a dot. A dot, which has value or maybe hasn't!



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