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Snap Store is a app store for Linux destro. By default snap store is not installed in Kali.Now I’m going to share a procedure which is worked for me.

Step 1 : Install Snap

Using terminal:

~$sudo apt update

~$ sudo apt install snap

But it shows something missing.To fix this, we need to execute another command.

~$ sudo apt --fix-broken install

Now again try to install Snap.

~$ sudo apt install Snap

It works! Time to go next step.

Step 2 : Install Snapd

To install Snapd follow the commands.

~$ sudo apt install snapd

Step 3 : Start and add the service to autoload

~$ sudo systemctl start snapd

~$ sudo systemctl enable snapd

Step 4 : Enable Systemd Unit

~$ systemctl start apparmor ~$ systemctl enable apparmor

Step 5 : Check it’s workable or not

Executing following command snap ‘core’ will be installed too if it’s not installed in system.

~$ snap install hello-world

Now restart the system and try to download via snap.

If getting any error related to path just follow this instructions:

After restart PC if Snap doesn’t work then need to edit bash file. To do this follow the instructions.

Step 1 : Edit Bash File

~$ gedit ~/.bashrc

Step 2 : Add new line and declare the path of snap

export PATH=$PATH:/snap/bin

Save the bash file.

Step 3 : Execute Bash.

~$ source ~/.bashrc

Restart the system and enjoy Snap .

Getting more commands of snap :

~$ snap help refresh

Installation of Snap Store :

To install snap store follow the command:

~$ sudo snap install snap-store

To open Snap store after finishing installation.

~$ snap-store

Extra :

Find Package :

~$ sudo snap find <package name>

Install package using snap :

~$ sudo snap install <package name>

List of installed apps :

~$ snap list

Update snap package :

~$ sudo snap refresh <package name>

Uninstall snap package :

~$ sudo snap remove <package name>

I successfully installed Snap in my Computer System using this procedures.

System Info :

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