Scams And Scammers In The IT Industry

December 29, 2020

It’s not a big deal to have scams and scammers in the IT industry nowadays. The game of scamming had been started a long time ago by targeting the people who are unwilling about this matter. The worst thing is, most majority of our communities are not aware of it.

What’s a Scam?
The scam is a way or dishonest plan to cheat someone to get their money. Those people who are executing scams are called scammers. There’s are a lot of IT companies whose work is to earn money by scamming.

Why scamming?
IT companies play with human trust and push to buy their products/services in a tactical way. It helps to earn lots of money within a short time.

How do they push you to buy their service?
In our daily basis, we browse the Internet a lot nowadays. So, it’s common to go one website to another website while surfing or search for something new on Google. That time, we may get alert from some fake websites like “Your Windows got attacked!” or “Your Android may damage in a short time”. They push the users to call them by providing their phone number on that alert page. The people who care about their device, call them to fix the issue without judging the alert is false or true. Then, the fake support picks up the victim’s call and encourages him/her to buy service or software likes anti-virus, scanner and so on. If the victim trust on that guy then it’ll be sure that the victim will lose his/her money soon without any valid reason.

Some targeted countries:
The most targeted countries to execute scams are the UK, US and Australia.

Top listed countries of scammers:
Nigeria, India, China, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, Venezuela, South Africa, Philippines, Romania are well known for scammers. There are a lot of hidden organizations, IT companies, call centres are doing this bad job. Sometimes, it’s hard to catch them for the police. Because they do their job anonymously using VoIP of different countries.

What can you do to avoid scams?
A BIG ALERT FOR YOU! DON’T BELIEVE SOMEONE IN THE INTERNET WORLD. First, verify the issue with your own or get help from someone you know in the real world. Then spend your money as much as you want.

Do scammers exist in Bangladesh?
Yes. They are. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, that doesn’t matter! They are always ready to get the last penny from you. We know about the scamming of bkash!

Nowadays, scammers in Bangladesh is following different techniques. We can see a lot of Facebook ads on our wall with virtual services or products at a cheap rate to attract us. This may a way of scam. We should aware of them. Otherwise, it’s easy to get trapped in their net.

Md Sohanur Rahman Sakib

For me, life is like a line. Line of a circle where my presence is just like a dot. A dot, which has value or maybe hasn't!


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