Why Charging Your Phone 100% is Bad

September 12, 2019

Today we will explain Why charging our phone to 100% is bad. What actions we can take. It’s necessary to know as we are using a smartphone. So, we need to be smart.

Most of us charge the phone to 100% overnight when we go to sleep. Even it doesn’t take that much time.

But who has the time to wake up and unplug the charger? Is this a bad practice?

It harms for our phone battery and causes premature death. The thing is when the battery is charged the acceptance of ions becomes more & more laboured as the battery gets a nearly fully charged.

Imagine our phone battery is a bag or box. When we pack our bag for vacation, it’s easy to put clothes and items. As the bag gets full, we have to force it to make this overload. That causes pressure to the bag. The same thing happens to the battery while charging it. Just think of electricity voltage as pressure

The graph shows when the battery gets fully charged, it requires more voltages. Especially when the remaining 5%(95%-100%), it takes significantly more voltages. Even with high voltage, very little current flows in it. That’s why it’s being charged slower in the end just like the bag.

It is not a choice. Charging to fast in the end might cause two problems.

Problem 1: Unwanted gases those cause the battery to swell.

Problem 2: Polarization effect. (Looks like fully charged but it isn’t.)

Now some might say, ” If I change my phone overnight up to 100% that doesn’t mean it’s an overcharge. What the big deal then!

Think about that bag analogy! The bag was in bad shape when it was full. Same goes to battery’s 100% capacity is uncomfortable for phone battery.

To keep phone battery healthy only charging it to a less stressful voltage which about 3.5 volts. That’s means stop charging when it reachesĀ  60%-65%. But it’s nearly enough for most of us to use the phone for the whole day. In that case, we can charge near 80% in that case.

Here the fast charging comes to play. It might seem counter-intuitive, as it forces in tons of electrons at high voltages. For iPhone X when it’s mealy empty, it takes 14.5 V(volts). That is why fast charging only works when the battery is under 50% or 70%. That’s while it’s not that full that causes much pressure.

Now comes the question of what we can do. Well, we may not be worried about the phone battery if we want. We can upgrade it every 1 or 2 years. Then it might not be a problem to charge it wildly. However, we should follow these factors if we think of battery life for 3 to 5 years.

Even discharging battery ages it according to the depth of discharge.

Like battery gets 60% to 50% in the depth of the discharge it 10%. Therefore to optimize its longevity, we should keep the depth of discharge as low as possible.

Some people take this hassle and keep the battery within 25-80 % where fast chargers are helping full keep it that way.


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